How to wash, style and store wigs to achieve the best wearing effect and extend their service life. This blog will share with you some useful tips.

Here are the steps to follow when washing a wig:

  •  Discard the soapy water and refill the basin or sink with clean water. Rinse the wig thoroughly under running water or soak it in water several times to remove all shampoo.
  •  Gently squeeze excess water out of the wig, but avoid twisting or wringing the wig, which may cause damage.
  •  Allow the wig to dry on a wig stand or on the wig head. Avoid direct heat or exposing the wig to sunlight as this may damage the fibers.
  •  Place the wig on a wig stand or wig head to dry. Avoid direct heat or exposing the wig to sunlight as this may damage the fibers.
  •  After the wig is completely dry, you can use a wig brush, comb, or wig-specific styling tool to style as desired.
  •  Gently brush or comb the wig to remove any tangles or knots. Start at the ends and work your way up to avoid damaging the wig fibers.
  •  Fill a basin or sink with cold or warm water. Avoid using hot water as it can damage the wig fibers.
  •  Add a small amount of wig shampoo to the water and mix well. Use a shampoo specifically formulated for wigs or a mild, sulfate-free shampoo.
  •  Soak the wig in soapy water and wipe gently. Be careful not to rub or shake the wig excessively, as this can cause the wig to tangle and curl.
  •  Let the wig sit in the soapy water for a few minutes to allow the shampoo to effectively clean the fibers.


How to style a wig?

1. Sorting and combing:

Before you start styling your artificial wig, it must be gently combed and combed. Use a wig brush or wide-tooth comb to carefully comb out any knots or tangles. Start at the ends and work your way up to prevent damage to the wig fibers. Remember to be patient and avoid overexertion during this process.

2. Set the style:

Synthetic wigs are pre-shaped, which means they have a built-in shape and design. To maintain or change your look, you can use a styling spray or mousse designed for synthetic wigs. Apply a small amount of product to your fingertips and work it into your hair, focusing on the areas you want to style. This will help maintain shape and prevent frizz.

3. Steam styling:

Exposing synthetic fibers to high temperatures can cause irreparable damage. However, there are other ways to achieve a different look. For loose waves, you can twist sections of the wig and secure them with clips, then use a steamer (a regular steam iron will do) to flip the sections over and let them cool overnight. For more even waves, try using a foam roller or flexible wand. This steaming method will refresh your wig without compromising its integrity.

4. Add accessories:

Decorating a synthetic wig is a great way to enhance its overall appearance. Headbands, scarves and hair clips can all be used to create a unique style and add a personal touch to your wig. Experiment with different accessories and placements to find the one that best suits the look you want.

5. Correct care and maintenance:

To ensure that your synthetic wig remains in good condition, it is important to follow proper care and maintenance practices. Avoid exposing the wig to excessive heat, such as direct sunlight or hot water, as this may cause the fibers to deform and discolor. Additionally, gently clean your wig using wig-specific shampoo and conditioner. Be sure to air dry on a wig stand to maintain its shape and prevent tangles.




How to store a wig?

1. Store the wig on the wig head

Depending on how much space you have available, wig tips are a great storage option - they will help maintain the shape and style of your wig during wear. The type of wig head you choose comes down entirely to personal preference - you have portable options, cork and canvas heads, and classic foam mannequins - so choose one that fits your space and is easy to use.

2. Store the wig in a silk or satin bag

What's the smartest way to ensure your wig retains moisture while in storage? Johnson recommends placing your wig in a silk or satin bag, which not only helps keep it soft and moisturized, but also prevents static and tangles in the long run. Many wigs are sold with a satin bag for this purpose, but you can also find affordable options online. Pro Tip: If you plan on traveling with your wig, satin buns are also great because they don’t take up a lot of space.

3. Store wigs in shoe boxes

As long as your wig is completely dry and tangle-free, you can lay it flat in a shoe box for easy storage. Are there no shoe boxes lying around? Any storage box will work here.


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