What factors make a wig is unnatural? This blog shares experience on how to make a wig look more natural.

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Several factors contribute to making a bad wig look fake. Here are some common elements to consider:

Unnatural Texture:

The texture of the wig should match the chosen style and mimic the feel of natural hair. A wig that is too rough, too soft, or lacks texture for the chosen hair style may look fake.

Lack of Movement:

Natural hair is mobile and responds to various stimuli, such as wind or head movement. wigs that are stiff and lack elasticity or flow may appear unnatural.

Visible Cap Construction:

If the cap structure of a wig is visible or obvious, it will make the wig look fake. The hat should be well hidden and ensure that the hair appears to be growing directly from the scalp.

Inadequate Styling:

A wig that is improperly styled or lacks attention to detail can look fake. A realistic wig should be designed properly, paying attention to layering, blending and overall presentation.

lLow-quality materials:

Low-quality synthetic fibers or poorly processed human hair can make a wig look fake. Cheap materials may have an unnatural shine, lack of movement, or have an overly uniform texture.

lUnnatural shine:

wigs with an overly shiny appearance may appear artificial. Real hair has a natural luster, while some synthetic wigs have a plastic-like sheen that makes the luster of real hair invisible.

lThe hairline is unconvincing:

The hairline is a crucial detail that can easily expose the artificial nature of the wig. If the wig has a straight and perfectly even hairline, it may look unnatural. A true hairline has subtle variations and irregularities.


An ill-fitting wig looks fake. An ill-fitting wig may sit too high on the forehead, have gaps at the temples, or not fit snugly enough on the head.

lUnnatural density:

Natural hair varies in thickness, with some areas appearing thicker or thinner than others. A wig with a uniformly high density may look unrealistic. A lack of layering and texture can also create an artificial look.

lUnmatched Color:

If the color of the wig does not match the wearer's skin tone, or looks significantly different from their natural hair color, it may appear wiggy. Inconsistent or overly bright colors can also give away the artificial nature of the wig.


Remember, investing in a high-quality wig, opting for professional styling or customization, and ensuring proper fit and maintenance can greatly enhance the natural look of a wig.


How to Make a wig Look Real?

1.Choose Lacefront and Monofilament wigs

Lace Front wigs

If you are wondering how to make a wig look natural, as a beginner you can start by discussing which wig type to choose for a more natural look. Lace front wigs are a great choice because they give the illusion of a natural hairline. Because the wig is designed to look as natural as possible, the wig hair can move freely and you can choose where your hair partings go - great for those who like to experiment with styling. If you suffer from alopecia, our beginner's guide to wigs sets out the reasons why a lace front wig is right for you.

Monofilament wigs

Monofilament refers to the type of wig cap used for these particular wigs. This hat provides a very natural scalp look and allows hair to move freely. Like the lace front wig, it offers a choice of different styles as the wig can be parted in any direction you prefer.

2.Buy A Wig That Fits Your Head

Whether you measure from ear-to-ear or your forehead to the nape of your neck, measure your head.It's helpful to have your measurements handy, so you get the best fit. Although many wigs have adjustable straps, some come in different sizes.

3. Line Up Your wig

When thinking about how to wear a wig and make it look natural, you need to make sure the wig sits correctly on your head so that it lines up with your natural hairline. For advice on wearing a wig for the first time, read our quick guide for our top tips. It may take longer to wear, but it's worth it to get the most natural look possible. Please follow these steps to ensure it lines up correctly:

  •  Place your wig on your forehead just above your eyebrows.
  •  Slide the wig over your head as usual, until you can feel the wig reach the nape of your neck.
  •  Then, shuffle the wig forward slowly until it reaches where your natural hairline lies.
  •  Secure the wig in your preferred way, and then you are good to go!

4. Time to Get Wispy

For starters, the secret to making your wig look natural is the slimming part! With natural hair, everyone has a few strands and baby hairs that show your hair is real. If you lightly trim some areas on the sides of your wig, it will give the illusion of natural slimness. If you don't feel confident doing it yourself, take it to your hairdresser to ensure a natural look. However, it's important to note that the point of this step is to be imprecise, so casual trimming of hair may not require professional skills.

5. Make Sure the Parting is Right

If you're not too interested in styling, don't worry, you can opt for a wig with a split. The good news is that these wigs are usually much better quality, but they can help you achieve a more natural look. If the wig doesn't have a nice top lace, opt for a side parting as it will be less noticeable. However, there are ways to make a breakup look more natural—all you need is a little concealer!

6. Colour Gradients

All hair comes in a certain size, and it's unlikely that your natural hair color is just one color without any gradation. If you're looking for a natural look, a wig with root color is a great choice, or a wig with natural highlights or lowlights will also give a great natural illusion.

7. Opt for A Fringe

As explained, a wig's hairline can be an Achilles' heel. To avoid this and the hassle of arranging your wig; if you want something you can put on easily, choosing a wig with fringe is a great choice! Whether you choose full bangs or not, the hair in the front will obscure the lines of the wig. If you choose or fall in love with a fringe-less wig, take it to your hairdresser and let them work their bangs magic!



When something looks too perfect and in place, it can give the game away! To make your wig look more natural for beginners, we highly recommend accepting imperfections - this will help make your wig look more natural. It's all about finding that balance.